July 2018                                     The Hand of the Maker, Chelsea College of Art,

                                                     The Society of Designer Craftsmen, 12-21 July


May 2018                                     Dulwich Festival - Artists' Open House,

                                                     Belham School, SE15, 12-13 May & 19-20 May


March 2018                                    Tregony Gallery, Cornwall, 'Towards the Light'


March 2018                                 Innovations in Ceramic Art, Cambridge, 3-4 March


November 2017                         Tregony Gallery, Cornwall, 'Drawing In'


October 2017                              Oxford Ceramics Fair, Oxford, 28-29 October


September 2017                        Talk: 'A Playful Search for Beauty".  A

                                                     Discussion Chaired by Hole  & Corner on the

                                                     Importance of Material, Process and

                                                     Approach in Ceramics, London Design Fair


September 2017                        Selected to exhibit at the British Craft

                                                     Pavilion, London Design Fair, 21-24 Sept.


September 2017                         Tregony Gallery, Cornwall. 'Wall, Window, World


July 2017                                      Craft Central, 21 Clerkenwell Green, London,


July 2017                                      Tregony Gallery, Cornwall, 'A Sea of Colour'


May 2017                                     Selected for Licentiate Membership of The

                                                     Society of Designer Craftsmen


March 2017                                 Awarded a Professional Development  

                                                     Bursary supported by a-n The Artist

                                                     Information Company


Oct-Dec 2016                             Selected for a Seven Week Mentored  

                                                     Residency, 'Picolpasso', La Meridiana, International

                                                     School of Ceramics, Italy


March- May 2016                       Klay London, 18 Malden Road, London


2015                                              Selected for Three Month Throwing

                                                      Residency, 'On Centre', International School

                                                      of Ceramics, Italy.